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SMS Guidescreen

Create SMS Services from templates

Guidescreen is an application that can sit within your own website allowing you to create and manage a suite of SMS services. If you have existing connection to an aggregator then we can just marry up Guidescreen directly into your account and you can then create and deploy services with a minimum of fuss. Alternatively you can use our billing channels and receive very competitive out-payments.

All your existing billing and reporting would remain in place and you would continue to access your reporting from your aggregators billing records or we can process the billing on your behalf. 

We are constantly adding to the range of available library functions so the range of services you can build within Guidescreen is always growing.  ​

Guidescreen is used by everyone from SMS Aggregators to small businesses to quickly and painlessly configure and deploy services.

Here are a few of the 'recipes' you can currently utilise within Guidescreen:

  • Inbound SMS to Email

  • Billed response to Keyword

  • Fixed Interval Subscription

  • Mobile Originate PSMS to free message response

So if you are looking to add some SMS functionality into your business or you want more control over your existing SMS services call us and have a chat about how you can utilise Guidescreen.

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