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IVR & Inbound Features

Square1 offers an IVR platform which can accommodate very high volumes of call traffic while offering full API access to services or custom built web tools, so you remain in control of your products at all times. 


This is why we provide IVR and technical platform services to broadcasters on SKY and Freeview as well as national radio stations and international TV stations in locations as diverse as South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Trinidad, India, Canada and France.


Our IVR can deliver CDRs directly to you at the close of each call or you can use our WebCallStats online service to keep an eye on your traffic.  'The proof of the pudding is in the eating' and we are so confident in the stability and performance of our IVR platform that our Online Call Reports include the percentage of calls that our facilities fail to answer. This means there is complete transparency about what is happening to your calls on a minute by minute basis, online and in real time. Call us now and lets talk through your requirement.

Choose from a wide range of existing

applications and services.

Our IVR platforms are based around a scalable cloud based architecture. We assign resource when and where you need it.  

Square1 network and IVR services

have full 24/7 support including web and SMS status alerts 

If you require full 'in call' reporting we can post to you every time an event takes within a call providing you with real time reporting and logging.  

Square1 IVR services are often built with full API controls so that you can develop your own web interfaces or control panels.  

Using our SquareNet media gateway we can receive or deliver your traffic onto SIP terminations utilising the low cost of VOIP in combination with traditional IVR funtionality.

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