Voice Short Codes

Five digit telephone numbers that are available from any mobile network
IVR Application Suite

We have an extensive set of IVR services specifically designed for use with VSCs including live chat, competitions and live media platforms.   

Offset Costs

The revenue generated by using an 09 premium number is often used to offset operational expenditure and staffing costs

Track Campaigns

Online Call Statistics allow you to monitor responses to your advertising. You can use individual Geographic numbers for each advert and immediately see what works and what doesn't.

Call Manager

Our Call Management Platform allows you to properly control your calls. Divert them, record them and distribute them to fit in with your working patterns and requirements.  

Revenue Generating

Rebates are generated as a way of compensating you for delivering a service over the phone. Customers are charged for accessing your expertise and you get paid for delivering the service.

Compile Inbound Numbers

Every time a mobile dials your number we can

add it into your own account on our Pingtext Broadcast Manager.  

Fill in the form below, call us now or click the Chat Now so that we can quickly and simply lead you through the connection process. To ensure you are getting the correct number for your business and so that we can connect, configure and route the number quickly and painlessly we need learn a little bit about your business.