What you pay​
  • Voicemail to email is charged at 4.25p per minute.

  • Recorded calls are charged at 2p per minute.

What the caller pays
  • Calls to 084 numbers are charged at 10p per minute + VAT plus a network access charge set by the callers landline or mobile provider.

400 Minute Pack





5.5p per min

5.5p per min

Call Management


Free Rental

Anytime rebate to you

Call Management Features

0871 Premium Revenue Share

Target Specific Locations

0871 numbers are Non Geographic so if you want to attract new customers from all parts of the UK rather than just locally these numbers are ideal. 

Track Campaigns

Online Call Statistics allow you to monitor responses to your advertising. You can use individual Geographic numbers for each advert and immediately see what works and what doesn't.

Revenue Generating
Offset Costs

The revenue generated by using an 0844 number is often used to offset operational expenditure and staffing costs

Call Manager

Our Call Management Platform allows you to properly control your calls. Divert them, record them and distribute them to fit in with your working patterns and requirements.  

Compile Inbound Numbers

Rebates are generated as a way of compensating you for delivering a service over the phone. Customers are charged for accessing your expertise and you get paid for delivering the service.

Every time a mobile dials your number we can

add it into your own account on our Pingtext Broadcast Manager.  

The simplest way to charge for your information using number ranges that are available across all the mobile networks.